The Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn features a small ZEN SPA (only 100m from Centennial Hotel Tallinn) with three stylish

treatment rooms, including two double treatment rooms, two saunas and a party room with Japanese pool.

SPA Concept

The SPA concept combines ancient Asian ZEN philosophy about harmony and serenity with contemporary comfort and modern technologies. The SPA products are organic and 100% natural and represent luxurious international eco-friendly brands.

SPA Menu

The SPA menu offers a small but innovative selection of pampering treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate. If you are celebrating a special occasion, organizing an event or seeking a new experience for friends or colleagues, consider our relaxation rooms, ideal for couples, hen parties, staff rewards and corporate hospitality or just hanging out with friends, combining private and stylish surroundings and a choice of spa treatments.

ZEN Spa Best practices

If you really want to enjoy the spa treatments, you should be aware of some things. Please take a minute and read the Zen SPA best pratices.

Special treatments

Special treatments Some treatments in our Zen SPA are so special that you can not book them via webshop.

Just use the button "Inquire treatment" and fill the form. We will be in contact as soon as possible.